Spring Marathon Training – Week 5

After last week’s drop back week I really wanted to get a good long run in, to test whether I would do any better at it. I’m aware that I’m running more miles than Ben would advocate at this stage, but a) I haven’t been able to do any strength or cycling these past two… Continue reading Spring Marathon Training – Week 5


10K Training: Wk 1 – Keep the Chocolate Coming

I’ve just had the best choccy milk ever. Not one of your fancy lardy shop bought numbers but one that Anne made me, melting plain chocolate powder in a bit of hot water before adding the cold milk, when I called to say I was five minutes away. Simple as. But, coming in after a… Continue reading 10K Training: Wk 1 – Keep the Chocolate Coming


Volunteering at the River Park

It was, by mid-morning anyway, a rather warm hazy day. The water on the river barely rippled and we could see clearly over to Liverpool with the huge Anglican Cathedral taking centre stage. A view of the big city from tranquility. There were surprisingly few people about on such a clement morning and I asked… Continue reading Volunteering at the River Park