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Marathons – never say never again…

During the walk on Sunday, I managed to first convince myself to run another marathon, and then convince myself not to. The walk took just over 3 hours and gave me ample time for vacillating. Just over 7.5 miles (12.25 km), so it was leisurely, with a couple of stops for using the facilities, or… Continue reading Marathons – never say never again…


A Curve Ball in the Shape of a Cold

Sunday I was going to do a little technical post about ‘Base Training’ because I’d had several weeks of good mileage and was feeling quite strong. However, that will have to wait for another time as I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself of late. Not only had we lost the dog last week but… Continue reading A Curve Ball in the Shape of a Cold


Volunteering at the River Park

It was, by mid-morning anyway, a rather warm hazy day. The water on the river barely rippled and we could see clearly over to Liverpool with the huge Anglican Cathedral taking centre stage. A view of the big city from tranquility. There were surprisingly few people about on such a clement morning and I asked… Continue reading Volunteering at the River Park