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Riding to Delamere Forest

I think I will sleep well tonight. I have that all over physical tiredness that isn’t painful at all. It is just settling in around my shoulders like a heavy blanket. It’s no surprise really. I was turning those wheels around for over 56 miles today. A great day's work How on earth did I… Continue reading Riding to Delamere Forest

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Thursday Cycle Ride: A Wet One

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Or should that be ‘what doesn’t drown you …’? Well, to be fair, we were due an opening in the heavens after all the clement days we’ve had on the cycle rides, and the runs that I’ve been on. I can’t remember the last time I came home… Continue reading Thursday Cycle Ride: A Wet One

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Rewind South Festival

I had a lie-in this morning. After a whirlwind of a weekend it was well needed and shows I’m getting old! It began with a stressful few moments on Thursday afternoon when I pulled up my booking details for The Catherine Wheel Hotel in Henley-on-Thames, only to discover that I’d made a bit of an… Continue reading Rewind South Festival

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Cycling to Malpas – and Back

Note to self: do more pelvic floor exercises, or ‘kegels’ as the Americans call it. That final section, back on the tow path to The Cheshire Cat, was bumpier than it had felt on the way out. But it was also nearly the end, and that was something I was ready for. I didn't have… Continue reading Cycling to Malpas – and Back

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A Night on the Town

In Downton Abbey, they always used to talk about going ‘up’ to London, even when they lived in Yorkshire. I have read somewhere, and it may even have been true, that this was to do with the start of the railway lines. Even though the first trainline built in the UK was between Liverpool and… Continue reading A Night on the Town

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Cycle Trip: Lincoln to Liverpool – Day 4 (The final day!)

Last orders at the Crow's Nest! John first cooked up this idea last summer. A way to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease research, and to have a bit of a challenge. When he asked who wanted to join the ‘fun’ I foolishly put my hand up . He said it would be about 30… Continue reading Cycle Trip: Lincoln to Liverpool – Day 4 (The final day!)