Wirral Multi-Terrain – Arrowe Park

What is one of the cardinal rules of running a long-distance race? Don’t go off too fast too soon. What did I do yesterday evening in the final Wirral Multi-Terrain event? Go off like a galloping heffalump, huffing and puffing before I got round the first corner. Gathering runners and clouds But it’s so exciting!… Continue reading Wirral Multi-Terrain – Arrowe Park

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Thursday Cycle Ride: A Wet One

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Or should that be ‘what doesn’t drown you …’? Well, to be fair, we were due an opening in the heavens after all the clement days we’ve had on the cycle rides, and the runs that I’ve been on. I can’t remember the last time I came home… Continue reading Thursday Cycle Ride: A Wet One


Short Term Goals – Training Plans

I am going to attempt to follow a training plan. Now you might have assumed that that’s something I do all the time with all the races I partake in. Errr…no. What I normally do, is just go out and run, sporadically, doing my best to slowly get within the ballpark figure of the distance… Continue reading Short Term Goals – Training Plans