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Thursday Cycle Ride: A Wet One

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Or should that be ‘what doesn’t drown you …’?

Well, to be fair, we were due an opening in the heavens after all the clement days we’ve had on the cycle rides, and the runs that I’ve been on. I can’t remember the last time I came home dripping, and making the floor wet with my squelchy socks. I did know it was coming as the forecast did give me a 95%+ probability of precipitation so I’ve only myself to blame.

A map and elevation info on the cycle ride.
Out and back from the The Cheshire Cat – plus the 6 miles for Chester Railway Station

However, despite being the weakest link again in the bike-chain gang, I’m really glad I went. Yes, I have got wobbly legs and a teeny bit of chafing (note to self: deploy the Vaseline), but I feel great. I’ve just done another 50+ miles on the bike again, if you include my ‘to’ and ‘from’ Chester Station to The Cheshire Cat which was the starting point. Considering I began the day wondering if I should be going out at all, it’s a major triumph.

I began the day with all the aches under the sun.

My legs still felt bushed, and my right ankle was a little unhappy, after Tuesday night’s Wirral Multi Terrain, the penultimate race of the set. Having clumsily barely avoided fully twisting my ankles on the sandy stones on the beach by Thurstaston, I gave the final mile, on the Wirral Way, a mega-sprint to make up some time. It still wasn’t fast but it was fast for me. I was attempting to put into practice all the lessons learnt in my Running Mobility Workshop classes for this flat ex-railway line. So, running on stumps (utilising my hips more), powering my knees forward, and pumping my arms. I managed it for a mile before I nearly collapsed at the Finish but it was exhilarating.

In said Mobility Workshop, the previous evening, Nigel had got us doing the full strength and conditioning workout that will supposedly be our weekly exercises from now on. It involves a lot of single-leg balance moves and crazy plank bird-dogs. Intense but it is definitely starting to work, although this morning my left shoulder and right wrist were still feeling grumpy.

By rights I should have stayed at home, but then I would have missed a morning, at least, of lovely weather. The pretty villages, the rising corn in the fields, the cows chewing the cud, Delamere Forest.

It amazing how far out you can go out on a bike when you put your mind to it. And I would never put my mind to it by myself. So it’s a good job, these guys let me tag along. After a lunch at Hollies Farm Shop café, I started flagging and getting cold in the last ten miles of the day, but Andrew offered up his stash of jelly beans and Linda gave me her last piece of flapjack to keep me going to the end.

My nose, which didn’t stop running for most of the day (note to self: put cycling gloves in the wash) has now dried up and all those aches that I had this morning, appear to have disappeared surprisingly.

I have got a lot of fitness to build for my marathons next year. Hopefully though, these cycle rides will add greatly to it, with a little leg-pounding required. Plus I get to see a lot of the local ish neighbourhood, when the rain’s not dripping through my helmet.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Cycle Ride: A Wet One”

  1. Rita you looked awesome as we seen you leaving the house.
    I really do admire your self determination to get out there and give it a go.
    You deserve some mega praise so accept the recognition for getting up and doing it. You are awesome.

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