The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Soft thudding stomp on the grass.Crackle and rustle through the autumn leaves.Snap on twigs in the woods.Clattering spikes on the tarmac paths.Slip slop and squelch in the mud.Wade through a dark mirky stream. All this can mean only one thing. Aside from the fact that poetry is not my strong point, it is also Cross… Continue reading The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


The 300th Birkenhead Parkrun

Today, on a damp, drippy and occasionally downpoury morning, Birkenhead Parkrun celebrated its 300th event. Perhaps it would have been nice to have had the balmy warmth of last Saturday’s run but despite the cooler and wet conditions, there were still almost 400 participants running or walking around the two laps of the course. I… Continue reading The 300th Birkenhead Parkrun


The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami

I think that Murakami is an acquired taste. If you like surreal; if you like David Lynch movies; if you like Kafkaesque craziness, then you may like this. I’ve read a couple of his fiction books before: Norwegian Wood and 1Q84, and I remember the second one in particular being very strange indeed. It begins… Continue reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami

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Riding to Delamere Forest

I think I will sleep well tonight. I have that all over physical tiredness that isn’t painful at all. It is just settling in around my shoulders like a heavy blanket. It’s no surprise really. I was turning those wheels around for over 56 miles today. A great day's work How on earth did I… Continue reading Riding to Delamere Forest


10K Training: Wk 1 – Keep the Chocolate Coming

I’ve just had the best choccy milk ever. Not one of your fancy lardy shop bought numbers but one that Anne made me, melting plain chocolate powder in a bit of hot water before adding the cold milk, when I called to say I was five minutes away. Simple as. But, coming in after a… Continue reading 10K Training: Wk 1 – Keep the Chocolate Coming