London Marathon Training: Week 14

Yesterday I was mostly eating tangerines and snuffling in bed. Having caught a bit of a cold at the back end of last week I decided to indulge it for just one day. That was when I was supposed to do my long run but no amount of Lemsip Max Strength could have got rid of the aching head and streaming eyes so I decided to give in. The day before I had happily hiked up some Welsh hills with my walking buddies (did I tell you I was doing the Coast to Coast walk two weeks after my Marathon? – well that’s another story!). But as I tried to open my eyes on Sunday morning, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. 

I think it was a good call because today I feel pretty fine. I sound a little bit like Mariella Frostrup but hey that’s no bad thing!

I was even up and about to receive a nice big sponsorship cheque from a company, First Recruitment,  that have donated a lot of money to the Kamla Foundation. The total amount I’ve received on my sponsorship site has been amazing so thank you very much to all those who added to the pot.  No pressure to finish then!!

Kamla Cheque Presentation 13.4.15

I’m going to be back pounding the streets from tomorrow. No more super long runs though as we are in taper time. Supposedly your body needs two to three weeks to recover from all the training so that you’re at your optimum best for the big day. I don’t know the science behind it but I am very happy to oblige. In my previous weekend I only managed 17 miles instead of the 20 I was hoping for and I was a bit despondent.  But now I’m resigned to the fact that I’ve pretty much done all I can, which may be a bit less than some people but it may be more than others, and that’s okay.  It’s my first one and whatever time I manage it’ll be a PB.

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