London Marathon Training: Week 7

I’ve actually reached over half way in my schedule, which is a bit scary.  I know there are still 9 weeks to go but the last three of those are supposed to be for ’tapering’ down and resting up before the big day.  Plus I’ve got two half marathon race weekends which I’d signed up for before I knew I’d be doing this so that only gives me 4 more very long runs.  Shit!

But at least I’m up to (nearly) 18 miles.  Although it could have been a little bit more if the weather on Sunday hadn’t drastically turned from dry to freeeeezing sleet.  I was attempting to run from my place in Liverpool to my sister’s in Warrington.  That, according to google maps, is about 20 miles if you circumvent the motorway.  It was ambitious but I figured I could walk the last mile or so as a cool down and it felt a bit more of a motivation to have a destination, rather than going around in loops.

It started off well, a bit smelly around some of the industrial bits but Hale village was very pretty with its thatched roofs and sculpted gardens.  However, I managed to get a bit lost in a couple of places, which slowed me down and then sometimes the path disappeared and I had to backtrack and find ways of crossing a main road to pick it up again.  Still it felt great to have a definite direction.  Even though the first spats of rain started falling as I headed into Widnes I was, in  a roundabout way, enjoying myself. I nearly got as far as Warrington Bank Quay station but I’d gotten to a point of saturation that meant that I needed to dive into the first open indoor place I could see which turned out to be a very rough looking pub called The Sloop Inn.  The landlady was lovely and let me sit and drip onto the beer stained seats without buying a drink while I called my brother in law to pick me up. 

My app said 17.9 miles.  Kind of frustrating in a way as I had the legs to go another mile or so. But it shows that I am definitely getting a bit stronger.  Legs felt fine by the evening and I could manage a good two and a half glasses of wine without keeling over.  So I think I’m back on track.

4 thoughts on “London Marathon Training: Week 7”

  1. I’m impressed! I know the neck of the woods you’re talking about (I’m from Warrington originally) and that’s not an easy run! Sounds like you’re doing really well. I just finished my week 7 of training for London too (just blogged about it). My longest run is 14 miles, so your 18 means you’re well on track. What time are you aiming for in London?

    1. I’d be quite content with under 5 hours, I’d like below 4.45 and I would absolutely love under 4.30. I don’t think that last one will happen but with a good wind I could maybe get the middle one! How about you?

      1. Sounds like you are well on track to achieve your targets! I am hoping for sub 4, I’m not sure how feasible this at the moment but gives me something to aim for! Good luck with week 8 of your training! 🙂

  2. Wow! That’s terrific. I hope you make it. I’m not all that fast although as I only started running with any regularity two years ago, I’m fairly pleased with my progress. You won’t be in my section at the start but if you see me crawling over that finishing line come and say hello!

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