London Marathon Training: Week 6

I ran 16 miles today instead of the 17 I’d set myself which is obviously not that far short but I’m gutted.  Properly down in the dumps, low and deflated.  The reason I think is because I’d been feeling sooo good all week, strong in my midweek runs and hardly any pains or knots in my calves as emphasised by a non painful massage on Thursday.  And the fact that I felt great coming into the run and then not succeeding makes the gulf that is the 9 or 10 extra miles that I need to get over that line all the more insurmountable.

It’s ridiculous making such a mountain out of a molehill I know and I’m not quite sure why I’m this affected but hey.  I’ll pick up and feel less sorry for myself tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “London Marathon Training: Week 6”

    1. Thanks! I knew I was being silly even as I wrote my thoughts but they felt real for that moment and now that moment has passed! Good luck with your training and have a great time on the big day btw! Everybody has told me the day itself is terrific and makes up for all hard work.

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