London Marathon Training: Week 2

I had a half marathon race scheduled for yesterday which got cancelled due to the icy conditions. Unfortunately it was stopped at the eleventh hour – when we’d all arrived and squished into the club hall trying to keep warm and waiting to line up. That meant that I had to go back home but still get my 13 miles in. Obviously physically I could do it else I wouldn’t have entered the race but motivationally? What a complete drag!

But I set off with a friend and fellow nearly competitor who gave me a proverbial kick up the arse and pootled with me at my pace around the park a bunch of times.

I could have picked a more varied route but as the ground was unpredictable we stuck to the same loop. It was a lesson in putting one foot in front of the other and grinding the miles out. I didn’t feel pumped or excited before we started as I would have in a race. But it got done, mainly thanks to my friend, in an okay 2 hours and 11 minutes, the miles were banked and happily today i didn’t feel any stiffness as I’ve done in the past. So I must be getting a little bit fitter which is nice to know by the end of week 2.

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