London Marathon Training: Week 1

Last night I had a glass of wine in the evening and it took a very long time to finish which is seriously unusual for me. Also, I turned down an invitation to have lots of free glasses of gin as I was a bit tired!! What am I turning into already?  Over the past month, what with it being Christmas and all, I’d done a lot of drinking and eating and a fair bit more drinking and very little running.  So after just one week of knuckling down I am a bit surprised at my wussy behaviour.

Still, 11 miles bagged yesterday and a week of actually sticking to the programme may possibly be worth it.  Fartleks on a hill (well a bit of an incline) on Tuesday, out for a nice canter with the running club on Wednesday, intervals on Thursday and finally my LSD on Saturday.

But this is only week 1 of 16 and I’m not naturally a ’sticker’.  I’m very easily distracted and prone to giving up when things start to get a little bit difficult.  This time I’m not allowed to give up as I’m on the starting line. I’ve got this date hanging over me for 15 weeks time and I’m telling everybody and going to be raising money so I can’t really back out of showing up on the day.  Oddly enough it’s a bit like when I told all my family that I was having a 40th birthday party and then after having booked it all I felt a bit sick at the idea of being the centre of attention. But I got through that, and had a terrific time and I’m positive this will also be great.

But already I’m vacillating between wondering if I can get under my target time (4hrs 45mins) and thinking about the least training I can get away with in order not to die on the day.  But my kit bag is packed for tomorrow.


LSD          -not in this case a hallucinogenic compound but the Long Slow Distance run that apparently needs to happen every week.

Fartlek      -a word that always makes me giggle and also a sprint/recover/sprint/recover… training run method

Intervals   -chit chat pace for a mile followed by barely able to talk, back to chit chat and repeat..

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