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A Night on the Town

In Downton Abbey, they always used to talk about going ‘up’ to London, even when they lived in Yorkshire. I have read somewhere, and it may even have been true, that this was to do with the start of the railway lines. Even though the first trainline built in the UK was between Liverpool and… Continue reading A Night on the Town


The Mirror And The Light – Hilary Mantel

Last night I finally finished the great tome that is The Mirror And The Light. It’s taken me ages. Not because it’s rubbish, far from it, but because of life getting in the way. But now, with relief and a little sadness, the trilogy is done. Hilary Mantel herself says that ‘It was the hardest… Continue reading The Mirror And The Light – Hilary Mantel


Bring Up the Bodies – Hilary Mantel

I thought I would start reviewing the books that I read. Partly so that I read them with a little more thought, and partly so that I read them. Because for some reason, although I love books, I don’t sit down with one very much at all. So we kick off with the middle book… Continue reading Bring Up the Bodies – Hilary Mantel