About me

I like to write. I procrastinate and get diverted and play sudoku or stare vacantly at the screen but occasionally, I LIKE to write.

The topics that emerge most when I hit that sweet spot are places I’ve visited, and the process of ‘running’. Not that I travel frequently or run particularly well but for some reason they seem to inspire me to ramble on for a bit. Adding to that short list are books that I’ve read, just to make me read with a bit more concentration.

I live over the water from Liverpool in the UK, in a cozy house with my wife Anne, whom I love, and a grumpy Pomeranian, Rocco, who I tolerate. Sadly, the dog is no more but he had a nice retirement with us, and we will miss him.

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. After one year of confinement with my wife Anna of many years, I love her more than ever (honest!) even when she tolerates me less than a grumpy Pomeranian on the stairs, our canary is the lucky one 🙂

  2. I relate perfectly to your procrastination and staring vacantly at screens. For some unknown reason, I will feel compelled to complete the daily MS Solitaire challenges prior to writing on my blog!

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