Feelin’ Good

It was a new day and I was out for a short five miler this morning. I can call it short because my long runs are at nearly double that now. I can’t quite get past the 10 yet and I did feel a bit frustrated with my 9.75 on Friday, my legs just felt like jelly towards the end, but I’m nearly there.

The road sign, Rest Hill Road, at the corner of the road.
The top of my most dreaded hill

I suddenly realised on this run that, for the past few weeks, my regular hilly bits have been surmountable with less of the huffing and puffing than I had been doing before. That stretch up to the top of Rest Hill Road, where previously I have often slowed to a walk, is still very tough, but doesn’t fill me with the same dread. The only time in the last month that I had to walk it was when my head was a bit fuzzy with a hangover. I am starting to feel stronger, not always faster, but stronger again, and hopefully, I’ll keep this momentum going at least until my next Half in June.

I blame the Heswall hills that I’ve been forced to do with the club runs. It’s virtually impossible to create a route without any inclines there, and very easy to include some steep ones, which they do, quite often. Tuesday night’s harder one was dubbed ‘The Long and Winding Road’ for its many twists and turns. Because most people of my ability usually shun the harder routes, I was, of course, at the back and not by choice on this occasion. It was a bit strange at times, because it was dark and there are some stretches of roads are very countryside like and don’t have houses. I had my head torch but it was a tad spooky and I think I’ll stick to the other routes next time until it gets lighter. Despite that, or maybe because, I put a good turn of speed in (for me) that I seemed to be able to maintain most of the way, which was very pleasing.

The sun in the sky was glorious today, still a little chill when it goes in, but I don’t mind that once I get going. The gorgeously transient magnolias are almost fully open, and the blossom on the tree is vibrant. Countryside roads seem a different prospect in the day time and have the added bonus of allowing you to inhale some nice ripe farmyard aromas. To be honest, I actually don’t mind them as much as people overloading on bottled scents. That can sometimes knock me sideways. Sadly I didn’t spot any dragonflies or butterflies but the birds flying high were twittering away.

It is nice to get that strength back. It takes a hell of a long time to get there, and I berate myself when (and it’s always been ‘when’ not ‘if’) I fall off the running wagon for any length of time, because, despite what they say about it staying in your legs, it never seems to in mine. 

However, I’ll not think about it now. After a busy few days, I’m about to sit down with a nice glass of wine with Anne, and put my feet up. I’ve got next week’s runs planned though so they won’t stay up for long. Not when they’re feelin’ this good.

7 thoughts on “Feelin’ Good”

  1. Awesome to see/read about you getting stronger again.
    You are my inspiration for GNR roll on training..slow and steady wins this race.

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