New Shoes

I don’t recommend getting new running shoes every time you need pepping up, as it would become rather expensive, but once in a while it is nice to treat yourself.

New Brooks Ghost 14 on the bed
The only time shoes are allowed on the bed is when they’re fresh out of the box!

I normally do that self-love about once a year but what with the world being the way it’s been, my current trainers are nearly two years old and I’m definitely getting to that ‘things are starting to hurt’ stage. It’s actually a good job that I was a lazy sod for a big chunk of last year as I’m not great at picking trainers on-line.

I went to The Runners Hub in Heswall. It’s a great, real-life running shop where the staff (runners themselves) know what they’re talking about and, actually, it’s a good job I went there too. Somewhere between my last purchase and this, my foot gait or shape or something seems to have changed.

I’m not great at the science of these things but I have always used shoes with arch support in the past as it has hurt my feet when I’ve tried without them, but the neutral shoe this time felt surprisingly comfortable.

I know things have changed over the few short years that I’ve been running. When I first started, I often kicked the ankle of my other foot, which was a tad painful and probably looked bizarre to anyone going behind me. Apparently it’s a common thing, and although we think we walk or run in a straight line our legs and feet sometimes do it in a roundabout way.

Partly (possibly) because my leg and core muscles have gotten a bit stronger over time and partly (possibly) because I’ve really been focussing on not landing on my heels first and using those chi running principles, this doesn’t happen anymore. Like I said, I’m not a science person so I don’t really understand the mechanics of it but it is good to know that this, at least, is going in the right direction.

Brooks Ghost 14 are the shoes I’ve gone for.  I had a little look at reviews (after I’d bought them) and one said that they were like the Margherita Pizza of running shoes, i.e. the blandest thing on the menu, yet one of the most popular shoes going! Wow, who knew there were people out there that paid so much attention to trainers!

The reviewer, to be fair, seemed to be very thorough, talking about sole types and uppers, and whether it gives you good propulsion etc. I’m sure there are people who will want to know these details but my main concerns are comfort and longevity.

My normal shoe size is 3.5 (36 in EU, 5.5 in US) but I go for about a 5 (38 in EU, 7 in US) in trainers. That gives me ‘spreading’ room. Not only to let my feet expand with all that pounding but to let my toes spread out as they land.  It has worked as I’ve only once had a toe nail turn black (that is also a common thing).

So these pristine, gleaming shoes have had a couple of short runs out to break them in. And they have been great, apart from a slight rub underneath my big toe, which I’m not too worried as I think that has happened with new trainers before and it quickly settles down.

The long run, or this week’s attempt at it, was going to be this morning but the rain looks constant and it’s just too soon to subject these shiny babies to a torrent. So it will be tomorrow morning that I try it out. Which also gives me another day to recover from trying to keep up with Anne’s family members’ drinking abilities, but that’s another story!

6 thoughts on “New Shoes”

  1. Cant wait to hear how you get on on your longie in them! Ive got less than 4 weeks to go to GNR Ill be hopping round at this rate as foot is not majorly better but I dont want to miss the event so will dose myself up with painkillers and hobble myself round.

  2. Good for you for treating yourself! And, you have a much smaller foot than me. I wear an 8 (U.S.) in running shoes. I love getting new shoes, especially from an experienced salesperson in a real running shoe store. We had one about an hour away that we went to for over 20 years, but unfortunately, a few years ago the store closed due to the husband of the husband & wife duo (owners) passing away because of lung cancer. It was a sad time since they were a huge part of the running community, and Mr. Henry was a gem of a person. Now, I have to order my shoes the majority of the time online since one of the chain athletic stores in my area only has the brands I like some of the time.

    I’m particular about my running shoes. I am currently in a pair of New Balance for running. I also replace the insoles that originally come with the shoes with better cushioned insoles. Spenco is the brand. I also wear running shoes as my every day shoes both at work and around the house. Asics Nimbus are my favorite brand for those shoes. I am prone to plantar fascitis, so I have to wear comfortable, supportive shoes since I am on my feet a great deal.

    Happy running!

    1. There is definitely something to be said about having a shop where you know and trust the people who run it! And I am in awe of people on their feet all day. I worked in my cousin’s stationery shop for a summer years ago and all I did was moan about my legs and feet being sore!! Hard work and me do not go hand in hand! Be careful with that PF. There are some great stretches and exercises to do. For example rolling a tennis ball underfoot feels so so good, and doing the old pull down of the heels on the edge of a step.

      1. Yes, I make sure to stretch after every walk and run. The pull down of the heels on the edge of the step is the very first exercise I do after my shin splint exercise.

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