Coast to Coast – Day 0

The company that takes our luggage from place to place have asked that we treat the ‘single’ bags like hold luggage on a plane. I.e. 20 kilo weight and nothing dangling on the outside like spare shoes etc. Which means that the several extra items that I shoved into my day rucksack may have to go straight back again with Simon. Either that or I eat a lot of it in the first two days. Oh, wait, I’ve just found out that Derek’s back is quite small and light and so if we’re talking of the weight collectively I may get away with it – if I just sit on the suitcase as I zip it up.

The drive to St Bees was smooth with Simon and Heather acting as Day 0 Sherpas. I’m just writing this as the final checks are made on the maps as to which way to turn when we step out of the B&B and beyond. We’ve all just eaten a hearty (starters, mains AND pudding) dinner at a local eatery. Surprisingly, for a small place, St Bees has a number to choose from and Lulu’s, once a railway ticket office now a Thai restaurant, was particularly tasty.

The forecast was correct unfortunately; rain. From this afternoon until well into tomorrow so all the waterproofs are ready. But that will mean a slightly lighter suitcase so that may be a good thing in the long run.

I’d never been to the Lake District before but apparently St Bees is technically not the Lakes. It’s a little bit to the left (or west if you want to get technical). However, tomorrow, when we get to Ennerdale, I can officially proclaim that I have set foot on the beloved ground of Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter.


5 thoughts on “Coast to Coast – Day 0”

  1. Excellent reporting Rita — have you thought about making a career !! keep it up it’s a really great read. Can I share it ?

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